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The Best Crunchy and Gluten-Free Muesli Rusks: A Perfect Snack for Any Time of the Day

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Rusks are hard cookies that are similar to biscotti but not as sweet.  Depending on who you talk to, rusks are said to have Finnish, Dutch, German, or South African origins. Like biscotti, they are twice-baked and often served with coffee or tea, to be dunked in the hot beverage.  They get baked in a tray and cut into rustic fingers to be dried in the oven.

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1. About the ingredients

Flour – I have used a combination of oat flour, rice flour, and corn flour in this recipe but you can use a packaged gluten free flour – just check whether or not it already contains xanthan gum, if so you can omit the xanthan gum in the recipe.  Also, you don’t ever need to buy oat flour.  It’s super easy to blend rolled oats at home and make your own flour.

Oats – use old-fashioned rolled oats and not instant oats in this recipe.

Sugar – Brown or white will work. 

Raisins – I have used a mix of raisins and sultanas but you can use either one on its own.

Nuts – I have used pecan nuts but you can use whichever nut you prefer.  Almonds, hazelnuts or walnuts would also work well.

Buttermilk – You can make your own buttermilk at home by adding a tablespoon of white vinegar to 250ml of whole milk.  Let the mixture sit at room temperature for about 10-15 minutes. During this time, the milk will start to curdle and thicken slightly. After 10-15 minutes, give the mixture a good stir to make sure it’s fully combined and thickened.

Yogurt – Any plain yogurt will work as long as it is not low fat or fat free.


2. Ingredients

   400g Oat Flour

   400g Rice Flour

   200g Cornstarch

   100g Fine Desiccated Coconut

   125ml Psyllium Husk Powder

   10ml Xanthan Gum

   50ml Baking Powder

   300g Brown Sugar

   10ml Salt

   25ml Vanilla Essence

   5 Large Eggs

   500g Butter

   500ml Buttermilk

   250 ml Full Fat Plain Yogurt or Greek Yogurt

   100g Sunflower Seeds

   100g Pumpkin Seed

   150g Raisins

   150 g Pecan Nuts 

   250g Oats



Preheat the oven to 180C / 350F

Sift the flours, baking powder, xanthan gum, psyllium husk powder and salt together in a large bowl and then add the sugar, oats, raisins, all the seeds, nuts, coconut and mix to combine.

In a jug measure out 250ml of the buttermilk then add the yogurt, melted butter, eggs and vanilla and whisk to combine.

Pour the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and mix until you get a thick dough-like batter. I prefer to mix with my hands because it gives me a much better feel for the texture of the dough.  If it is a bit dry, keep adding more buttermilk. The type of gluten free flour you have used (some absorb more liquid than others), the climate in your area and the altitude, can affect the amount of liquid you need to add to reach the desired consistency. It should be fairly sticky but not wet.

Empty the mixture into a rectangular jelly roll tin approximately 32cm x 44cm with a 2.5cm rim. Spread it out evenly in the tin. I like to use a rolling pin to make sure the top is nice and even.

Bake for 60 minutes until golden brown – loosely cover with tin foil about 25 minutes into baking to prevent the top surface from over browning. 

Remove and allow to cool slightly.  While still warm and in the pan, slice the rusks into the desired finger sizes then remove them and place on a large flat baking sheet, allowing some space between each rusk.

Dry out overnight (8 – 9) hours in a 60C/140F oven or for 4 – 6 hours in a 110C/230F oven. Turn them over once if you can. If you cut your rusks very thick they might need a little more drying time. The best way to make sure if they are completely dry is to gently push your finger into the bottom of each  rusk.  If it’s hard it’s done, if it’s soft it needs more time. Depending on the size you cut them, the recipe can yield up to 72 rusks (3cm x 7.5cm per rusk). I have based the drying time on this size.  

They can be stored in an airtight container for up to two months.



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