Automatic Rebound Elbow Support Ab Roller for Core Strengthening and Abs Workout


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Introducing the Revolutionary 2-in-1 Ab Roller with Automatic Rebound Design

  • Experience smoother and more controlled steel rebound with intelligent auxiliary brakes and a built-in system.
  • Scientifically crafted with 5 layers of anti-slip materials for noise reduction, shock absorption, and enhanced wear resistance.
  • Wider front and back wheels for improved control and smooth rolling, suitable for both beginners and experts.
  • Crafted from eco-friendly plastic with non-slip, sweat-absorbent sponge grips, ensuring silent operation and floor protection.
  • Achieve your ideal physique with this abs roller kit, designed to accelerate fat burn and sculpt your core, boosting your confidence from the inside out.
  • Pro tip: Ensure proper installation by paying attention to the wheel and handle directions to avoid backward installation.




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