Red Carpet-Ready: Original Airbrush Bronzer and Blush for Celebrity-Worthy Flawless Matte Finish


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Introducing the Pinnacle of Makeup Artistry

Era’s breakthrough in beauty innovation has earned its place as the original airbrush foundation trusted by celebrity makeup artists worldwide. Our advanced formula, applied through cutting-edge micro droplet technology, delivers nothing short of perfection – a long-lasting matte finish that stands the test of time.


What sets Era apart is its infusion of medi-spa grade vitamins and botanicals. This unique blend enhances your skin with every application, providing a silky, buildable coverage that feels feather-light and looks simply flawless.


We’re proud to say that Era’s spray-on foundation is the gold standard in the industry. Why? It’s oil-free, talc-free, and paraben-free, ensuring that your skin gets nothing but the best. And the magic doesn’t stop there – our foundation is transfer and water-resistant, designed to withstand the rigors of the day while preserving your radiant beauty.


Era has been a beloved choice for professional makeup artists who demand high-performance products and unmatched coverage. Experience the magic for yourself and discover the lasting beauty that’s made Era the top pick for those in the know.




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